I’ve Been Away for a While

Hello everyone, It’s been a long while since my last post but it’s time that I update you on the ton of crazy stuff going on with me. I wish I had been using the blog as a daily diary because it’s going to take a Herculean effort to say what I need to say. Give me a shout in the comments if you see this and I’ll shout right back at ya. …and hang on to your chair because later I’ve got some rollercoaster sh*t coming your way.



My phone/PC has been down from a malware infection.  Until it’s repaired, please disregard any posts that appear out of character.

Thank You

There’s No Such Thing as Transgender

Every so often, blazoned misinformation runs amok in our society, and when it does, I usually sit back, watch, and laugh to myself at the whole spectacle.  In fact, after it has blown over, everyone seems to laugh at being duped into believing foolishness; then they move on with life until the next social circus makes its rounds.  Today’s agenda is the widely disseminated and completely false assertion that humans can change their sex.  All one needs to do is think and believe they’re the opposite sex, and their wish can come true –or so they say.  To make matters even worse, this propagandized fallacy of science goes about indoctrinating the public while lying about the very foundation of sex itself.  I’m referring to “sex” in the sense of the biological reproductive category of male & female.  I’m also referring to its equal euphemistic term “gender.” 

Geena Rocero1
Model Geena Rocero was born male.

 By now, most people have heard the illogical assertion that “gender” is a term for the sex someone identifies with or “thinks” they are.  While “sex” itself, is the biological assignment an individual was given at birth.  For example; a person may have been born a biological male but identifies with, or has the psychological belief that they’re female.  In this example the person may assume the gender (or sex) of female.  The term “trans-person” or “transgender” is applied, and society is then expected to refer to this man as a woman or “trans-woman.”  All of this ignores the blatant fact that the individual is still a man with a fully functioning penis and testicles.  It all goes against biological science and nature itself; it is some of the most ridiculous nonsense ever perpetrated against a civilized society.  Continue reading There’s No Such Thing as Transgender

Happy Thanksgiving!

In America, we’re celebrating a holiday that is near and dear to all of our hearts.  It’s an occasion where we give thanks for what we have, and we pause to appreciate the special people in our lives.  May you all have peace and  good will as you take the time to enjoy your family and friends.  In the grandest spirit of our national day, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

A Conversation about Passion, Work, and Our Impact on the World

If there was an Eleventh Commandment, it may say, “Thou shalt live out thy life’s truth and give to humanity thy talents; to enable all to thrive and prosper.”


It feels great when a friendly person greets me at a front door with a big bright smile, introduces themselves, then sits down with me for a friendly chat. It feels inviting, breaks the ice, and gives me the sense that I’m welcomed. That’s exactly what happened several days ago at WordPress. Well, sort of.

Last week, Kally, from the blog “Middle Me,” welcomed me to the blogosphere in her own little way.  She interviewed me on the topic of “passion.” She told me that she felt inspired by a response that I left on her blog. I was flattered at the prospect, because I had never been asked to do an interview before; so I agreed to what turned out to be a motivating spiel about work and passion. The topic resonates, not only in the workplace, but in our everyday, personal lives as well. I enjoyed my question & answer session with Kally, and here’s how it went: Continue reading A Conversation about Passion, Work, and Our Impact on the World

Egyptian King’s Discovery in Color Photos

I found some very cool photos taken of the discovery of King Tut in 1922.  I’ve seen photos before of Egyptian tomb discoveries but not color ones.  These have been colorized for an exhibition in New York.  My main reason for posting this is the photos so if you already know the story of this young Egyptian King, then just scroll down and either click on the Gallery to see the slide-show or scroll down further and view the photos with captions.  Those of you unfamiliar with King Tut, can read on and I’ll provide a brief synopsis. Continue reading Egyptian King’s Discovery in Color Photos

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