The Truth About America

I don’t get to post as much as I’d like to; seems there’s so much going on in my life that I just can’t find the time. I have a lot of issues I’ve been juggling simultaneously and that is really an understatement.

There’s a faction within our government that has a program by which they destroy a person’s life –yes, that’s what I said; America actually has rogues that plot the destruction of it’s own citizens. I have been lucky enough (sarcasm) to be selected to have my life dismantled. What does all that mean? Well, to explain it, I’ll partially regurgitate information I learned from online sources, because when all this started happening to me, it’s where I turned for information to explain it:

If an individual garners the attention of a certain phantom office within our government by being a whistle blower, activist, or other type of charismatic individual, then you may wind up under attack. …yes, I said “attack.” This phantom (nameless) office then consorts with a litany of other offices to destroy you.

That’s done by adding you to a list of criminal sympathizers (drug, terrorist, rapists, gang members, etc.,). Your local police department will get a false report about you from a high government office. Every business you patronize, every neighborhood you live in, will be told you’re a criminal.

The conspiring government agencies will orchestrate bizarre events near your home and in public and if they get a reaction out of you, they’ll begin reporting that you’re mentally unstable.

They will contact your employer and report that you’re under investigation for being a criminal (lone-wolf terrorist, drug dealer, pimp, etc.,). The goal is to get you fired, and if you find another job, they’ll pursue the same avenue to get you fired again and again.

They’ll break into your vehicle, sabotage it by damaging it, then repeat the process over and over again.

A network of conspirators that are in place to protect the country, will instead be used to harass you. They’ll follow you wherever you go, and sit-in-watch of your home while your there. You’ll be watched with sophisticated devices that detect which room of the home you’re in, and the individuals performing (illegal) surveillance on you, will focus on the room you’re in. Yes, bathroom included; and even your bedroom.

They’ll hack every online account you have and listen-in to every one of your calls. They’ll also listen-in on every call your friends and family make, in order to collect dirty information about you. You can guess exactly what they’ll do with any dirt they find.

They’ll use sophisticated military-spec weaponry to spy on your home and every home you visit. They’ll use military weapons that fire an electromagnetic field directly at you. Whether you’re in your home, in a place of business, or visiting your relatives, it doesn’t matter; they’ll have their representatives get as near to the location as they possible can, and fire the EMF weapon at you. If you report the use of the weapon to the police, they will intervene and tell law enforcement that you’re mentally unstable and that they have files on you to prove it.

When you go to a hospital, they’ll infiltrate the hospital staff and they’ll be the ones performing your exam. Expect them to attach, insert, or implant a sophisticated miniature device that will provide your location as well as a means to direct an energy-field attack directly at you. You can best-believe, that things in this exam won’t be in your favor.

There’s more, there’s lots more but I think you get the picture here.

They’ve logged onto my blog for the past several days because they’re expecting me to post something.  …yeah, they’re gonna be reading this –they read everything I post.

For those who have never heard of things like this happening to citizens of the United States, well just like you, I had never heard of it either. In fact, if all this hadn’t happened to me, I’d never have believed it would happen in this country at all. …but it does happen.  Somehow, someone has conceived of a satanic and sadistic plot to deny international human & constitutional rights to citizens that they’ve chosen to harass.

As a military veteran of over 21 years, it’s a great disappointment for me that something like this exists here. It’s a great disappointment that after serving my country, I’m repaid by being attacked by a rogue faction within my own government.

So, if you didn’t know any of this, then welcome to knowing the real America.


U.S. Air Force Veteran Covertly Harassed and Tortured in America

I’m Cedrick; a 21-Year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and I’m currently being attacked by an organized entity within my own country. This entity has all of the resources and power of a functional government agency. I have no idea what may have put me on their radar of targets, or the ultimate individual who authorized it, because my record inside & outside of the military is absolutely spotless.

Before I get to when and where all this started, I want to first go over my current state of affairs. I’m being stalked 24-hours a day, 7-days a week by paid organized contract stalkers. They spy on everything from my home activities to every trip I take outside my home. Wherever I go, I’m followed by the network of stalkers which at times have been up to 30-40 different individuals in various vehicles, and/or on foot or two-wheeled conveyance. When I arrive at a destination (place of business), I have had up to 15 individuals enter with their sole purpose being to observe me and my purchases.

My vehicle has been tampered with on countless occasions and has obviously been out-fitted with a tracking device, as any and everywhere I ever go, someone tails behind me. I’ve had helicopters and other aircraft (Yes, I said “helicopters & other aircraft”) hover, and/or fly-over continuously —whether I have been inside or outside a residence or other facility. I was once awakened by the sound of aircraft and rose to watch as a helicopter hovered at a short distance outside my window, and small lights emitted right through the blinds.

My phones, email accounts, social media accounts (including this blog), banking etc., have all been hacked into and I noted signs that they were being monitored with individuals accessing them on a regular basis. All of my phone calls are being monitored. There have been ridiculous events —some appearing to be dangerous acts, orchestrated to obviously draw me into some type of action. On one occasion, an individual stood (inside a restaurant where I was buying food) where he could only be seen by me, and pretended to draw a weapon.

I have been assaulted by sophisticated electronic, radio, —and/or microwave technology that was designed by the military for use in enemy combat environments. Never was this technology meant to be illegally used against innocent citizens. My ears have been bombarded with loud shrieking types of sounds.

I’ve visited places of business and had an enormous amount of under-cover security activity around me with upwards of 8 individuals at a time crowding me and obviously watching my actions. I’ve learned from online sources that this entity lies to the public, and brands individuals criminals, mentally ill, or even terrorist suspects in efforts to have the public ostracize them.

Individuals causing havoc in my life remain in the shadows of our government, with their specific organization having no name, yet using functions of various government and corporate activities to illegally have a damaging effect on me. Online sources who say they are going through similar activity, report that the intention is to make the individual want to commit suicide. I can’t verify this but I can see where this activity (and I haven’t even told the worst of it yet) would entice some individuals to do just that. It’s a sick system of warped illegal activity that ought to grant the participants a long time behind bars.

Unfortunately, there’s no official source to find out information on the activities that I’m going through. I have to depend on various government and corporate individuals who report that they too are going through the same assault on their lives as well. Most refer to this as being a “Targeted Individual,” with the consistent and common thread of activity being “Gang Stalking.”

Gang stalking as defined by the North Haven Police Department of Connecticut (USA):

“When a government uses disinformation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking and monitoring innocent people. Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person. A systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a “Targeted Individual’s” life.”

This post is about my life and I never wanted or expected to put anything like this here but I have to because the things I’m going through are illegal and violate every human and Constitutional right ever written into law. This may possibly help someone else who may be going through the same thing. This isn’t nearly the half of what I have to say—so, this will be continued.

I apologize for seemingly starting this story in the middle instead of chronologically from the beginning, but I felt I wanted to give some insight into where I am currently. It takes a great deal off my mind just to finally start telling this story at all. It’s not over, –though I wish it was; I’d rather being doing a lot of other things instead of dealing with all this. I’ll try to outline things a bit more chronologically later on, so please bear with me. This post is the first; and at least begins to get my story out.

I have a Twitter account where I’ve tried to contact various individuals for help with this situation —but to no avail; yet that doesn’t stopped me from telling the truth here.

I’ve Been Away for a While

Hello everyone, It’s been a long while since my last post but it’s time that I update you on the ton of crazy stuff going on with me. I wish I had been using the blog as a daily diary because it’s going to take a Herculean effort to say what I need to say. Give me a shout in the comments if you see this and I’ll shout right back at ya. …and hang on to your chair because later I’ve got some rollercoaster sh*t coming your way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In America, we’re celebrating a holiday that is near and dear to all of our hearts.  It’s an occasion where we give thanks for what we have, and we pause to appreciate the special people in our lives.  May you all have peace and  good will as you take the time to enjoy your family and friends.  In the grandest spirit of our national day, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

A Conversation about Passion, Work, and Our Impact on the World

If there was an Eleventh Commandment, it may say, “Thou shalt live out thy life’s truth and give to humanity thy talents; to enable all to thrive and prosper.”


It feels great when a friendly person greets me at a front door with a big bright smile, introduces themselves, then sits down with me for a friendly chat. It feels inviting, breaks the ice, and gives me the sense that I’m welcomed. That’s exactly what happened several days ago at WordPress. Well, sort of.

Last week, Kally, from the blog “Middle Me,” welcomed me to the blogosphere in her own little way.  She interviewed me on the topic of “passion.” She told me that she felt inspired by a response that I left on her blog. I was flattered at the prospect, because I had never been asked to do an interview before; so I agreed to what turned out to be a motivating spiel about work and passion. The topic resonates, not only in the workplace, but in our everyday, personal lives as well. I enjoyed my question & answer session with Kally, and here’s how it went: Continue reading A Conversation about Passion, Work, and Our Impact on the World

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